Birley Design

New Lines



Wood boards to serve and to eat food off are ever growing more popular and so far no one has come up with one for fish.   This initial range are designed primarily for serving fish.  Measuring 27” nose to tail and 9” at widest part of the body (69cm x 23cm) these boards are a perfect and attractive way to serve a whole cold salmon for example.


The fish shape, carved from time-cured Dorset timber, has a small amount of artwork added,  a few fish scales, a fin, perhaps some seaweed, bubbles or shells,  picking up the natural grain of the wood.  No two are the same.  The finished boards are then coated in a food-friendly washable clear satin finish varnish, easy to clean after use.


We intend also to cut smaller boards, different shapes of fish, for restaurant use and individual and share-a-meal servings.  These could be ordered in specific colours, artwork, or a restaurant name.  Cheeseboards and others are also in the pipeline!